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Today we begin the next leg of our journey. We're off to Bija Vidyapeeth: Centre for Learning which is where we'll be taking a course on Food Safety and Food Security from the renowned physicist, eco-feminist, and environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva.

We're hopping on a train for 6hrs to Dehradun where we'll stay the night in a hotel and then off to the farm which is about 30km south of town. There's no internet there so we won't be posting any updates until we're done 8 days later. We don't really have much more information than what you can find on the website, so we'll write about it in detail when we're reconnected to the interweb.

In other news I think I'm finally getting over the jet lag. Last night was the first night that I really slept. Before that it was insomnia at night, and being dead tired during the day. The heat is what makes it so hard to switch: 35C and humid during the day so your energy is completely sapped. It only gets down to 21 or so outside at night, so it's still really hot inside and impossible to sleep.

Last night we went into the centre of Dehli and had dinner at this tex-mex restaurant. Seriously ironic: indians dressed up as cowboys serving beef enchiladas to us westerners. Colonialism comes full circle.

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So we hooked up with Lauren, Daryl, Byron and Erin yesterday.  We're now staying in a hotel called the "King Krishna Hotel" which is right about here. We'll all be together for the next couple days after which all of us except Byron will head up to Dera Dun for our class. 

It's pretty crazy here.  It kinda reminds me of Guatemala, except with about 4 times as many people.  We'll have to post some photos soon.  

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New Photos

Wow it's been a busy couple of months!

Here's a few photos to fill you in on our happenings.  

Kelowna Trip 

Debbi's Birthday Party


Crowsnest Trip 

And my favourite photo: 

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passport tips

  1. Fill out the application online (You still need to drop it off at the passport office, but that line is much shorter).
  2. Don't go on Friday. I bet Monday would be a good day
  3. Go in the afternoon - everyone else thinks they'll go first thing in the morning to avoid the lines.
  4. If you're in Calgary, go to the south office (McLeod & south of Anderson).
  5. If your old passport got wet one time when you were caught out in a monsoon, and the ink got smudged a bit. You'll need to go find a notary public so that you can make an oath that this is indeed your passport and not a forgery.
  6. In the signature sample box on the application there's a thick border. There's big bold text that says "If your signature touches this border your application is void". If you signed this while standing up, with a gel pen, and no book or something else hard underneath, and your signature consequently went all over the place, don't stress. You won't need to go make another copy, drive across the city to find your executor to re-sign the application, and drive all the way back, hoping that you'll get there before they close. Instead the clerk will just put a sticker over top of your botch, and you try again.
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