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The Jasper Daily: Bug Boy


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Sing it Buddy

Jasper starts out his singing career by tackling Ave Maria

Ave Maria.
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The Jasper Daily: Happy Father's Day

We get to celebrate so many firsts. Today we celebrate Dave as a Daddy. Happy Father's Day Dave. These past 3 weeks have really shown that you are an amazing dad and a tremendous partner. I love you!

Happy Father's Day Dad
Indeed He Is
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The Jasper Daily


Big Foot
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Dave and I are parents! Jasper Lawrence was born June 1st. I'd post the photos on facebook but uploading them makes me want to pull out my hair. So please check out our flickr account and we'll be adding more as time goes by.

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The Big Sneeze

So crazy things happen to your body when you're pregnant. I'll spare you most of the insanity, except I sneezed the other day. I sneezed a HUGE sneeze and pulled a muscle in my side. It hurt so bad, I had trouble walking to the taxi to get home. I had trouble walking....because I sneezed.

So I made it home. But wondered if I should get myself checked out. I was really in pain. I waited and waited and thought I would be okay but then around 9 pm, I tried to pick up my bag from the floor. Silly Debbi. I nearly started crying; it hurt so bad. So I decided it would probably be best to go and sit in A & E (Accident and Emergency, not the tv channel) and see a doctor just to make sure it was a pulled muscle and not something more serious.

Let me diverge from this story to point out that I seem to carry this baby big...meaning that everyone expects me to give birth at any moment. (I am currently only 32 weeks) Everywhere I go, I get stares. Hong Kongers (not realizing I can understand them) comment to themselves or their friends: "Hoa dia!" (Very big). I'm not actually that big. My fundal height is right where it is supposed to be and I haven't gained much weight in my face, just the necessary areas. Otis's position just seems to make things look larger. I tell you this because when Dave called the taxi, the driver's eyes got really big when she saw me get in. Here is an HUGE! pregnant woman in pain!! asking to go to the hospital! All the way to the hospital I could feel her eyes on me, pleading with me, to not give birth in her car.

Anyway, we make it to the hospital and I give them my HK ID card in A&E and I get back some papers. The receptionist says "Go to 7F." Right then, 7F. I'm thinking it is a room or a bed in emergency. Sweet, I get to bypass triage! But there is no room or bed in emergency called 7F. So Dave and I are wandering around the hospital. Eventually we ask someone to point us in the right direction.

We end up in Obstetrics.

An assistant, who doesn't speak any English comes over and I say, "Baby ok, ow ow." and point to my side. The assistant makes Dave stand outside and takes me into a room. She takes my blood pressure and my temperature. Then leaves. Eventually a nurse comes in. It turns out that I had managed to get admitted to the hospital somewhere between handing them my HK ID card and finding 7F. And they want me to spend then night.

At this point, I am beginning to doubt my reason for coming to the hospital (I'm sure Dave is also doubting). And when it comes down to it, Dave and I are just simply confused. Why are we in Obstetrics? It is probably a pulled muscle that needs some panadol (tylenol) and some rest. Turns out that in Hong Kong, if you are pregnant and show up at the hospital you get directly sent to Obstetrics. They don't trust emergency doctors with their patients. If you have a pulled muscle...Obstetrics. Broke your leg?...Obstetrics. Heart attack?....Obstetrics. Having a baby?....Obstetrics.

And they want me to spend the night because there is only one Obstetrician for the ENTIRE hospital and they don't know when she will get to me.

Dave was getting a little hot under the collar. Let me say that again. Dave, the calm, rational, unemotional person in this partnership was getting upset.

I, on the other hand, was as cool as a cucumber. Well, as relaxed as I could be while clutching my half water/ice bag to my sneezed out muscle at 10pm at night after mistakenly being admitted to a hospital. I eventually worked out a deal with the nurses that I would be admitted for 2 hours. I said I'd stay for 2 hours because that was the estimated waiting time in emergency. If the doctor managed to see me in that time...great. If she didn't, then I would just go home.

So they dobblered me and the baby's heart rate was great. They asked me to change into these awful pepto-bismal pink hospital clothes. I declined. Then they decided to do a full fetal wellness check up. I got hooked up to a fetal monitor for 20 minutes and had to press a button every time Otis moved.

It wasn't visiting hours, so Dave had to sit outside the ward by himself.

I had some embroidery that I worked on. I listened to the other women watch Cantonese melodramas on the teeny tiny televisions they had in the ward.

Eventually the doctor came by. She did an ultrasound on my kidneys. Then she asked if she could check up on Otis. I said she could. Turns out he is very active and he has very long legs. I joked that he didn't get that from either me or Dave. She though that he might be a big baby but when she inputted all her data, he was "within the normal range". No 10 pounders for me. Huzzah!

I needed to wait just a little bit longer and then I was discharged. We were home by 1:30am...with panadol.

And to be honest, although it was baffling and confusing, I'm glad we went. I know more what to expect when Otis does come. What to bring, where to go. I felt very respected by the nurses and doctor. Everyone explained what was going on. Nobody manhandled me. It was a positive, learning experience.

The nurse said she's looking forward to seeing me in 7-8 weeks.

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