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I think I have had the most vacation I have ever had in my life this year. It has been fantastic. I just had my Easter vacation extended by a week and a bit because the HK government closed down all kindergarten and primary schools because of a flu that was going around. So what do I do during my time off? I read. I have 6 books now prepped and awaiting my eyeballs. I also do a little bit of shopping. Hurray! I continue going to my Stitch and Bitch once every 2 weeks. I harass Dave into finishing work early so he can go for walks with me. It isn't a bad life this teacher life.

 As today is Saturday, I'll take the dog out for a walk on the promenade so we can go sniff other dogs butts and enjoy a Mr. Softy ice cream.

But on a more sober note: I won't be able to have much vacation after Easter until July when I get another month off and go to CANADA. See you in a few months pals. 

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Photos for viewing

Chinese New Year recently passed us by. Dave and I participated in some of the events. So with our trusty couchsurfer-turned-long-lost-friend James with us we went out and about Hong Kong. I have to remember to upload the rest of the photos onto flickr but for now check it out.

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On becoming famous

I have decided that I need to become famous. So I have purchased a guitar. Apparently it is a classical guitar. Which means it has some nylon strings which makes it easy on my poor little fingers. I will only need to practice half an hour everyday to get really good. I think half an hour of my day is a sufficient amount of time to sacrifice for my soon-to-be fame.

I have also started a band. I estimate that it will take me about four months to get really, really good at playing the guitar. I am pretty convinced that I'm an amazing guitar player that hasn't been discovered yet. So in my band is me as the lead everything, a drum machine (still need to buy one of those) and an extremely reluctant bass player. I still haven't figured out why he is dragging his heels on what will obviously the best and most famous band ever. Perhaps everyone could give him some encouragement. He says I'm not allowed to post his email address on this website. But if you leave some comments, I'm sure he'll read them. His name is Dave.

I think my band with the drum kit, me as lead and the reluctant bass player have some similarities with other duo groups. Except that no one will wonder if we are brother and sister or if we are lovers. I'm pretty sure you can look up who is hitched or not. I'm a little sad that we will loose that aura of mystery.

I also have started thinking of an awesome band name. I was thinking something with "The" at the beginning. Bands that start with "The" seem to do alright. For example, "The Beatles" did alright. I mean alright enough for my friend Ed to obsess about them. If anyone has any suggestions about band names they can also leave those in the comments section. Please remember that there needs to be a "The" at the beginning.

So I must look up how to play some cords on the internet. Wish me luck on becoming famous.



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It isn't going to be under my bed...I'm better at hiding than that

I used to hate banks.

I know this probably isn't a revelation to those of you who remember my constant outbreaks at banks before Dave took care of it all. (If you missed the outbreaks...they were colossal...and I got service very quickly).

Things have changed and I really really hate banks now. As soon as I can, I would like to revert to my old "hiding random bits of money around the house" trick. At least I had money when I needed it. And I didn't have to answer the most obscure security questions ever. (hmmmmm PC Financial.)

Currently my reasons for really really hating banks are as follows:

We have been given half-information, mis-information and any other type of not helpful information you could imagine. We have cheques stuck in hold. We have cheques stuck in wire transfers. I'm sure there are other ways for cheques to be stuck; we just haven't thought of them yet. I would really like for a cheque to be stuck in my pocket, in the form of cash.

The main issue is that Dave gets paid from an American company. Apparently Canada (hmmmmmmm HSBC) doesn't like to cash American dollars. Well they won't do it quickly at any rate. I have never heard of a cheque being held for a month. Never. Does it honestly take a month to make sure the cash is there? Somehow I don't think so.

We are now trying wire transfers. I should not be this hard to send wire transfers between two countries who speak the same language and who are right beside each other. It didn't help matters that both of our banks gave us the incorrect information. The money is sitting somewhere in the U.S. We think. Who really knows.

If things are not resolved soon, I will be calling the banks. I'm not as forgiving as Dave and I'm certainly more likely to cause a ruckus, even over the phone.

So in the words of Ben Folds Five. "Give me my money back. Give me my money back. You..."

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An open letter to all drunk men at the bar

Dear Sirs,

I am writing this letter to draw your attention to your own stupidity when you approach me or any person at the bar. This letter is written with men from the ages of 18 to 100 in mind who believe it is their God-given right to impose themselves on anyone they find attractive.

I am aware that being drunk gives people courage (also known as liquid courage). It is often difficult to meet people in this world and having a social lubricant assists some people to form friendships.  There is no problem with striking up a random conversation with a stranger. Perhaps this person could become your very best friend. There is also the chance that they will not become your friend and a higher chance they won't become your conquest of the night.

Let me tell you a familiar story:

A girl goes out to enjoy some music and hang out with her pals. It is during the course of the night that Mr. Slobbering-Drunk zeros in on her. He sits uncomfortably close to her, starts staring and tells her how pretty she is. She asks him to stop staring and moves her chair away from him. He starts rambling on about how he has a thing for one particular facial feature that she happens to have. She asks him to stop, or ignores him or walks away. He then responds angrily or sulkily. That woman doesn't appreciate his comments or attention. She is an ungrateful person. He as MAN should be able to distribute compliments as he so chooses. She is obviously a Neo-Nazi Feminist Lesbian (NNFL).

The moral of the story is to not be an asshole. You are not God's gift to women. You are drunk and therefore brave and perhaps more stupid than usual. So don't act indignant when a woman ignores you, or asks you to stop staring at her, or walks away. Don't call her the Ice Queen or Prissy or any other plethora of swell language I'm sure you can list off the top of your head. Don't tell her friends about how "some" people don't know how to have fun. Just don't.

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The weather is going nuts. I know ya'll back in Canada are freezing your butts off but wait until you hear about what is going on in China. There are hundreds of thousands of people stranded all over China because of the weather. 500,000 people are stranded in Guangzhou alone. Trains, cars, buses are all stuck with little hope of getting to their destination in the next few days as it is apparently going to get worse not better. All I can say is wow.

Dave thinks I should point out that it is coming up to the Lunar New Year and everyone is trying to get home to their families.

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I kid you not

A herd of cows ran down the road by our house just now. A herd of cows. Two were in the pedestrian only lane. It explains the cow paddies on the side walk.

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novel idea

I gotta tell you guys; I'm bored out of my tree.

First off: It's cold here in Hong Kong. I know not like -40 C Canada cold. But it's bone chillingly cold. So due to the bone chilling nature of the outside, I prefer to stay inside.

Inside, incidentally is not much warmer than outside. The difference is that there isn't any wind. 

However, this further exacerbates the boredom. Normally, I would entertain myself by looking up The Daily Show  on YouTube. But we have only one computer and Dave apparently needs it for work.

Most of my other options involve money.

1. Join a gym. I told myself before we left Canada that I would join a gym when we settled. The problem is that I won't go to a gym that doesn't have a sauna, towel service and free hair mousse. Not that I need hair mousse, but the very indulgence of it being there makes going to a bloody gym more bearable. If I have to get on a step machine for 30 minutes beside a Lycra wearing twig, the very least I should get is to be able to look at free mousse while on my way to the sauna in my towel service towel.

2. Take an art class. Also of the expensive variety. I have a knack for only liking expensive things. I get it from my father. Anyway, photography courses that aren't expensive are either taught in Cantonese or not running until the summer.

3. Go for a walk. Free. I have gone on several walks. I did mention it is cold here but I braved the cold yesterday and took myself to town. But then I had my very first bout of homesickness over a desire to have coffee with Lisa. Dangerous business this walking. 

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