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The Jasper Daily: Magic!

Auntie Michelle and Uncle Louis play tricks on Jasper.

Where did it go?
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The Jasper Daily: Dirty Face

Ummm have a little something on your nose.

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The Jasper Daily: Drving Mr. Jasper

Jasper pushes 'his car' around the house.

Driving His Car
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The Jasper Daily: 6 am Wake Up Call

Jasper has an amazing internal clock...6 am and BING!...good morning mommy!

6 am, already?
Goooood moooooorrniiing mama!
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The Jasper Daily: Wedding Banquet

Jasper and I got all dressed up for the wedding of one of my coworkers.

Wedding Banquet Ready
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The Jasper Daily: Beautiful Boys

Am I a lucky woman or what?

Adorable Dave
Adorable Jasper
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The Jasper Daily: I Yam What I Yam

Jasper loves purple yams. What a fun mess.

Someone loves purple yam
yummy yummy
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The Jasper Daily: Penang Part 2

Here are a few more shots from Penang. We had some really delicious Indian food. Jasper enjoyed his straw thoroughly. We also went to the Botanical Gardens and saw monkeys....we kept a healthy distance from them of course.

In general, the food in Penang was fab-u-lous. The dumpling thingys in the picture below were called top hats, I think. So tasty. And although I didn't get a shot of it, After much searching I found ICE KACHNG! This shaved ice dessert is like a snow cone in theory but snow cones are over-priced and tasteless coloured ice. Ice Kachang is so delicious...I'm salivating now....actually hang on....I think I have a picture of me enjoying an Ice Kachang in Singapore last year....yes I do....see below. Here is a link if my rambling isn't enough information.

I also included so just super cute photos of Jasper from the hotel.

Delicious Straw
Adam and the Pretty Taxi
Always chomping on something
On the Move
So Delicious
Ice Kachang
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