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The List

I need some assistance. I am creating a list of books that I need to read. However, this isn't just any list of books. I want the titles of these books to be given to me by you beautiful people.

The rules are as follows:

1. The book must have impacted you. There must be a reason you want me to read the book.

2. Reasonably easy to find. I won't be able to get obscure titles here in Hong Kong (unless you send them to me).

3. This isn't so much a rule as it is a hope. I would love to be able to discuss the book with you after. 

You can leave the title here in the comments section, or you can email me, or send it by pigeon. Whichever is easier.


Thanks to Ian for the inspiration

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Stelmach vs the guy who legally paid for

Dear Ed,

There is a reason companies buy out all possible domain names when they start their business. You're a little too late. And you're being a wee bit heavy-handed. Perhaps a phone call could have attracted a more positive response. 


People who know better 


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Death and poker **updated**

Now that I have a month to wait before I get back to work and seeing how laundry only takes an hour of my day I picked up some books on the way home to keep me occupied in the coming month. I am currently reading Marian Keyes "Anybody Out There?" **SPOILER ALERT***and***MORBID ALERT***


I spent the first half of the book being confused as to why this protagonist is bandaged up and why her husband isn't talking to her. I totally ignored all the hints as to why he wouldn't reply. Maybe I knew deep down. But turns out she is in pain because she was in a bad car accident and her husband died in the same accident.

*Insert me completely falling apart after reading this.*

The premise of this book is my worst nightmare. I banned Dave from riding in any vehicles. He thinks I'm joking. I'm not. ha.

I don't want to live a fearful life. I want to be able to laugh and run and not be worried about Mr. Death kicking around my husband's or anyone's door. Perhaps I'll sell my soul or something for a few worry-free years. ha.

Or maybe I'll just fold in my poker game with the universe and let go. I can still love people even if they aren't physically here anymore.

**UPDATE** I know that the last sentence here is very glib. Too glib in fact. I was trying to make things light-hearted because I was bawling my eyes out. Remembering people that I love who are gone and how I couldn't bear loosing someone. So please forgive my shamelessness.




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Them: "So what are you guys doing tonight?"

Us: "Tonight?" 

Them: "Yeah, its New Years."

Us: "Its New Years! Hokey Dina! What ARE we going to do."



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Lip Ring

So I am excited to announce that both Clement and Nathan won the contest of "what was missing". They both answered quite close to each other, so we decided that we would give them both a prize! Runner-ups were Sheona and Dave's mom Sandi.

So I gave up my lip ring. I said that if it were to get in my way of getting a job, I'd take it out. And it appeared that it would be in the way of a good job. So out it came with 2 pairs of pliers I bought at a hardware store. It was more difficult to take out than I thought. Took me almost an hour to pry it apart.

One downside to the lip ring coming out is that I am biting my lips constantly. Before, when I as nervous I would twirl my ring around but now that its gone, I've resorted to gnawing on my mouth. I do it unconsciously, so it isn't until I'm in pain that I realize what I've done.

AH sweet lip ring. Until I'm retired.....I'll see you then. 

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my festivus thinkings

Merry Christmas to all you. Dave and I had a great ole time yesterday. we rolled out of bed, opened gifts, half finished a puzzle, baked cookies, ate, ate some more, bought groceries we forgot we needed for our eating, sang, danced, cleaned, played scrabble, watched "A White Christmas" and generally had a fantastic time.

I would count this as a much better Christmas away than my last one. My last Christmas away involved a bunch of drunken expats who started fighting. I was thankfully gone when the fistfight happened but I was traumatized nevertheless. And although I miss home and my family, I'm not a sobbing mess asking, "Why, WHY did I come here?"

In fact that question hasn't even past through my mind. I am very fond of Hong Kong and the people here. I think it also helps that my darling hoosband is with me. There isn't the same pressure to be with everyone all of the time when you're not alone. I think you're given more space. Which we totally took advantage of and turned down every invitation for Christmas day and spent it together. Just me and the boy. I like it.

Merry Christmas lovelies and Happy New Year 

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This comic shows how I feel at parties sometimes. I think its pretty representative of Dave as well.

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ce side and down the other and then up the other side and then..

I had promised some that I would post the photos of my killer hiking experience. It was the most difficult hike I have ever done. I even completed the scramble part (allthough I don't know if you can call going at snails speed 'scrambling') Anyway, I apparently looked very composed and didn't even complain once! But I was dragging my poor little behind....was I ever dragging along. So if you'd like to view the photos, click on this link:

And enjoy my pain.

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