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oh the irony

I may be occasionally known to warn people of the dangers of coconut trees. More people die of coconuts falling on their heads than they do of shark attacks. Not very many people you would think. You might be thinking that I should focus my efforts into car accidents or heart disease and avoid leave coconuts behind.

I fear that will never happen because yesterday I found out that coconut-falling-on-your-head deaths are the highest cause of natural death in the Caribbean. I found out this lovely little tidbit about half an hour after a coconut tree fell two inches from my head. My friends, I think that now my mind will be concentrated on possible death via coconut.

The story goes as follows. There was a bit of a storm in the afternoon yesterday. Some rain, some wind, it wasn't anything we hadn't seen before. I was feeling a bit nibbly and ventured out to find some cookies. The guy who worked the kiosk at our hotel was busy swimming so I walked down the beach to see what I could find. There wasn't much open, so I headed back to our hotel empty-handed.

The kiosk-guy was there so I asked him for some cookies. Just as he went to grab some out of the cupboard we hear a 'SNAP' and I look at his face and he looked confused/scared and then right behind my head the top half of a coconut tree fell. It had fallen on the roof of the closest beach shack and a little bit onto the kiosk. The water that had collected from the storm on the roof of the shack came pouring all over me.

I stepped over the tree and everyone from our beach shack "village" was there asking me if I was okay. Dave came running around the corner, and chastised me for going out when things were falling (I saw nothing fall).

Here are some of the pictures. The first ones are the aftermath. The latter two are me getting my revenge on the tree by eating the fallen coconuts! For our visual learners...Look at the first photo. I was standing just infront of the Bisleri sign on the right side of the sign.

the aftermath
the tree
The repairs
the benefits
Mmmm, coconut flesh
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welcome to the family

i would like to introduce my new child. His name is Rollei. He is quite done up in this photo and doesn't look so pretty most days but I love him anyways.

here is his picture

We got him in Mumbai and cannot wait to spend more time with him.

He joins his other siblings Little Bertha and George. What a lovely little family I have. I'm bursting with pride.

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travelling on movie created memories

Riding trains in India is unbelieveably romantic. You can do the most ridiculous things on the trains. You can run beside a moving train as it carries your lover away. You can lean out the door. You can jump off as the train is still moving. You can do any number of rather dangerous acts all while on a train in India. Its a wonder more people don't die. I mean plenty of people do, but I guess it is one of the great marvels of India, it usually works out.  

On my way back to where we are staying tonight, I'm going to stick my head out the side of the train and feel the air on my face. I will of course be careful, and a wee bit romantic.

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taking a trip

Get out your clapping hands because Debbi needs a round of applause for the fantastic trip she took down a flight of marble stairs.

She isn't too battered. Sore wrists and a beautiful back bruise are her trophies.

She is beginning to really hate marble as this is her 2nd marble fall experience. Looks pretty but it is very slippery.

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hanging with hippies in rishikesh

So currently we are all in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is where the Beatles came and stayed for a while. There are ashrams and sadhus everywhere. It is a completely vibe from the farm. It is very touristy but in a more "holy" touristy way. Forieners have "gone native" and wander around in bits of cloth, handing out literature about their particular guru.

Our first night here we went down to one particular ashram where they were having a sing along. At a particular point in the night, plates with oil lit on them were passed around and people began lighting candles and insense that were put into little boats made of leaves, filled with marigolds and red flowers and set afloat on The Ganges. It looked very pretty. The insence was very very thick in the air. We eventually left.

I ran into a bookshop that had a book on home Ayurvedic remedies. Ayurvedic is a natural form of medical remedies that focuses much attention on how a person needs to try and balance their life. Very interesting stuff. As we all have colds (except Dave) I think I'm going to pull out the book and try and figure something out. They also have a massage (called an oily massage) that involved herbs and spices as well as dribbling oil on your forehead. I'd like to try it out soon. I need a massage!

Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Jaipur in the province of Rajistan. We are hoping to stay there for a while, at least a week. Dave and I might find a place that can teach us massage. Lorn, Daryl and Erin are going to try and find someone to teach them pottery. All of us are also hoping to go on a camel trek. Not a very long one...camels aren't the most comfortable animal to ride.

Rajistan is  a very dynamic part of India and I'm excited to go....although the veiw from my current hotel of the himalayas and the Ganges will be hard to give up.

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locked in

This morning Dave got up before me and asked if I wanted to be locked in the room (I was sleeping) . See we have a room where you can lock people in the room. Very strange. Since Dave was going down to use the internet, I decided that no, I did not want to be locked in the room (who knows how long he would be) ! So I woke up and noticed that the key to lock the door on either side was gone. I tried the door...and couldn't open it. He locked me in! I thought I would get ready and if wasn't back by the time I was ready to go, I would tell him my displeasure. I waited and waited and he didn't come. Then someone switched off my power (the switches are on the outside) and the fan stopped. So I sat there sweating and waiting. I had a book light and I read same of my book...without a fan. Finally someone knocked on Daryl, Lorn and Erin's door. (we have a window with bars on it into the hallway) I looked like I was in jail. Darryl went and got the key from Dave.

Apparently Dave pretended to lock the door when a sketchy guy was coming up the stairs....which must have kind of pushed the boltlock across a little bit. Daryl wiggled the key a little bit and one of the guys who works he showed him that the door is a bit sticky.

oh dear. i get the key from now on. 

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safe and sound

Dave and I made it. It was by far my most gruelling flight experience to date. We made it to LA with very little problems. After the long wait to get through security we figured out our gate and hung out. They then subjected us to another security check and finally we were able to board. Of course then we are detained over an hour so the American engineers can make sure our terribly old 747 is able to fly. Then we were Frankfurt. Man, that was a long flight. Then we waited for a few more hours on the ground in Frankfurt. We weren't allowed to leave the plane. Finally took off. I kicked Dave's but in crib 2x in a row. ha ha. I read an entire book and played games that AJ had made for me. The only thing I was really wishing for on the plane (other than wanting it to be over) was the ability to brush my teeth. But LA is pretty strict and we weren't allowed to bring toothpaste in our carry on.

But we are here and dave is jonesing for a tea. We should meet up with Lorn, Darryl and Erin tonight and hopefully Byron tomorrow.



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deep breath now

The visas came today.

We are leaving the country.

We are going to India.

All because the visas came today.

I guess I'd better finish cleaning the house.

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