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I'm pathetically happy

I am afraid that before we actually go travelling that I will only be posting about awsome movies and tv shows. Perhaps in my next post I will attempt to be more interesting. Until then I must tell you all that I LOVE The Holiday.

It is a smart, funny romantic movie. Tonight would be the second time I have seen it. And I love movies that involve little brain power and that I finish feeling oh-so-happy. Case in point. Birds are singing right now and children laughing and life is wonderful and it is 11 pm on a wednesday nite.

 la la la la


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sweet kisses of sleep

I love how when you work your body very hard during the day, you sleep like a log.

After my excititng day roaming around on my bike (I pushed it up 19th!) and mall walking. My head hit the pillow finally and it was sweet kisses of sleep 

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recipe: migraine soup

Last night I O.D.'ed on Doctor Who. Meaning that I watched so much Doctor Who that I gave myself a headache. Damn you head! I have so many triggers for my migraines, but if I watch too much tv or if I watch tv during the day time, it is almost guaranteed to become a migraine. I did both.
The best part is that I know when I'm about to watch too much. My head was hurting as I thought, "Just one more won't hurt." knowing that full well, it would hurt. After I finished the episode, I tried to get to sleep. But the headache was already too big. I drugged myself, threw a wet wash cloth over my eyes and hoped for the best.
I woke up this morning with a migraine. A Doctor Who hangover. I tried to go to work. But I couldn't do it. Nausea started to take over, so I went home.
I have slept most of the day. I practised my home remedy (2 extra-strength gel cap advil, 2 ultra-strength tylenol, washed down with coffee, while in the shower). Gotta love my headache ritual, without it I would never get to see my beloved Doctor (other than Sheona, she doesn't give me migraines)

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folk festing it up

Well folk fest was again wonderful this year. A few minor blips occurred. Mainly who invited Don Mclean? American Pie being his only hit was his last song AND his encore because really, that is all anyone wanted to hear from him.

Enough complaining here are my top picks of the weekend:
1. Tons Of Fun University or T.O.F.U.
All I can say is fab-u-lous!
2. Final Fantasy
Baffling and amazing and man can this guy cover Mariah.
3. Brett Dennen
Really lovely. Sweet music.
4. City and Colour
Dallas Green from Alexisonfire wowed me Thursday night and made me happy.

I need to recoop from a weekend of sittin in the sun all day.


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I have an addicion

I will admit it. I love bad tv. America's Next Top Model, Gilmore Girls and my dear sweet Dr. Who.

You have everything I want. British accents, bizarre events, hilarious costumes and time travelling. what more could a girl want?

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kiss them loans goodbye!

Last week Dave and I paid off one of my three student loans. It was the most marvellous feeling. We walked into the Royal Bank (student line of credit) and slammed down almost three grand. woohoo. I now have an Alberta Student loan (sitting at like $400) and the big one...the Canadian Student Loan ( too much) but really if I can get it down to just one dipstick government loan agency...i think we'll be doing fine.

But on the up and up I'm looking at what graduate work would look like for me. Hopefully after our stint in Korea I'll never have to get another student loan again.

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A recipe for a packing disaster. While on your trip buy 2 bottles of wine, 3 containers of goat cheese, 5 new books, a new bathing suit, some new clothes. Combine poor purchases with, 1 unbelievably bulky sweater, 1 pair of impractical shoes, 2 jackets you never wear, a make-up box that takes up too much space and 2 pairs of jeans you wear once each. Mix it all together and you get a packing disaster.


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Flip flops are a poor choice

Yesterday Sheona, her roommate Catherine and I went out to this area of Vancouver that is all wooded. I couldn't remember the name of it if I tried. But it is beautiful and there are trails and trees and wonderfulness. Sheona and Cat wanted to go for a run. I am not a runner. ever. I hate running. So we decided that I would go for a walk and they would go for their jog.

Not 5 seconds after they left did I go to double check the route I was going to take on the map. As I stepped close to the map my right foot kicked the cement pad the map was on. "^&*^$^@%$&(*" would be the language that came after. I looked at my foot and decided that flip flops were a poor choice of shoe and I had taken a massive chuck out of my big toe.

As I was bleeding I decided that I would be a huge whiner to not go on my stroll through the very pretty wooded area. Besides dirt stops bleeding. The walk was incredibly wonderful. I always feel so refreshed after being away from the city (even when it is away from the city, within the city). I continued to hurt my right foot with the bleeding toe at least 6 or 7 times in different ways. I kicked a rock because i didn't lift my foot high enough. I rolled my ankle while trying to step higher and coming down wrong. And my toe was sticking to my flip flop because of the blood. However, I made a loop through the woods and enjoyed every minute of my little walk; although I don't think I'll wear flip flops for something like that ever again.

I met up with Catherine and Sheona afterwards. I didn't want to be a whiner, so I tried to hide any limping I might have been doing. As we got to the car, I asked them if they had any hydrogen peroxide and bandaids at their house (in case I needed to go buy some).

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