We are home

We are in Calgary. Wanna hang out?

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We are in Canada. The flight was rather uneventful other than my strong dislike for AirCanada remains as strong as ever.

Our first few hours in Vancouver have been nice and rather peaceful. We are staying at Sheona's house for a coupla days until we move on. Our schedule is such: July 24th-26th Creston for my brother Matt's wedding. July 27th Kelowna for Rich's Inlaw's Meet n/ Greet. July 28th-Aug 4th Cawston/Kelowna for Lisa and Luis' wedding. Aug 5th/6th-13 Calgary/Lethbridge/Edmonton. August 14th Dave flies out of Vancouver back to Hong Kong. August 15th-25th Debbi in the Alberta region. 25th-31 PEI for Byron and Susan's wedding. 31-Back to HK

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If You Become a Christian, You get Electrocuted

But Ma, I want to be like all the non-electrocuted pickles.

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Debbi Channels Michelle

I got my hair cut yesterday. I wasn't loving it because it was very different from what I normal get as a haircut. But then she added a little gel and voila! it was fantastic. But the haircut reminded me of someone. And I couldn't figure out who it was. I looked at pictures of Lily Tomlin. Nope. Not her. I scrounged around the web using "bob hair cut, celeb" for my google search. But then I stumbled onto my friend's facebook page and I realized that I channeled Michelle yesterday when I got my hair cut. Thinking of you Michelle (PS. I stole your picture from facebook.)


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The story of stuff

Ever wonder how the world works?  Here's a clear concise explanation that makes a complex system easy to understand.  It's a 20 minute video in which sustainability expert Annie Leonard explores the global materials economy and its impact on economy, environment and health.


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Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater

As I prepare for the next school year, I ran across this video . Anyone else think the influences of Bollywood are there?

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I can't help myself

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Websites I love

Here is a unfinished list of some the sites i visit at least once a day:

Daily Puppy

Questionable Content

Boing Boing






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