Coming Home

It is official. We are coming home. and I mean official in the sense that we bought tickets. We both fly in July 21 to Vancouver and then Dave will be flying out of Vancouver on the 14th of August. I am flying out of Charlottetown, PEI on the 31st of August. Dave and I decided that there was no way that we could afford to both go to Byron's wedding and have Dave go to his brother's wedding in November.

I am rather lucky because school starts on the 1st of September and technically I'm supposed to be back at work on the 18 of August for teacher's prep. Byron's wedding is on the 30th and there is no way that I can make it back to Hong Kong by the first day of school. Thankfully I am employed by one of the sweetest principals ever. She is letting me skip all of my prep weeks and letting me start school the 2nd of September. I managed to find a flight that leaves Charlottetown at 6am on the 31 st so I can make it to Hong Kong by the afternoon of the 1st and show up at school bright and early on the 2nd. Huzzah. I must really love you Byron and Susan!

I am also pretty excited that we managed to get killer deals. Dave's flight is only CAN$900 and mine is CAN$1500. When I flew to Hong Kong in 2003 I paid CAN$1300. So I think we are doing quite well.

I am so excited to be with you all I can hardly contain myself.

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Me and My Mad Skillz

I am very excited to say that I got the part of Eunice. For those who aren't familiar with A Streetcar Named Desire...go get the play you lazy gits. Do you think i'm going to coodle you!

Well. fine. Eunice is the nightbour who lives above Stanely and Stella. She has an..em...explosive relationship with her husband Steve. Lets just say all of my mad yelling skillz won't be going to waste. So those of you who are planning to see me in my return to stage in 100 years; see you early October!

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Sichuan Earthquake

Unless you have been living under a rock the last little while, you'll have heard of the huge earthquake in China. The quake has killed thousands of people in the Sichuan province. Although Hong Kong had no visible shakes here, we have been affected through concern for the people in Sichuan who are now having problems with a quake lake. Here are some extremely dynamic shots of the earthquake.


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My audition for A Streetcar Named Desire

The audition went well. I was so very nervous when I walked in; but after we sat around chitchatting for a while I loosened up and had some fun. We started with some warm up games which was good. I felt so much more focused after those.

Then we did some readings. The director asked me to read Eunice 4 times. I would be very satisfied with the role of Eunice. It might be nice to get a smaller role so I don't have the burden of memorizing everything. Although Blanche is the ultimate role in A Streetcar Named Desire, I think I would also make a really good Stella. At the end I got to read some of Stella. I wasn't asked to read for Blanche.

I totally messed up on my monologue. I lost my place in my head and started making up lines to fill in the gaps. I pulled through but it was a bumpy start.

All in all, I was very happy I went. I would love to be involved in any way shape or form, but we'll have to see. The director says he hopes to know if he needs callbacks by Friday and should have things sorted out by Monday. I'll keep you posted.

Update: I got a call back for Saturday. 

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Acting Out

Did you know that every time I walk into a theatre I feel unbelievably depressed. I don't know what to do with my thoughts. I feel so sad. Sometimes I cry. I hate going to the theatre because of how it makes me feel.

Strange thing to feel sad about. I suppose if you saw the worst play in the world it could damage you. But I have seen lots of great plays. I'd call some of the plays amazing. I feel depressed when I go into theatres because I gave it up. I stopped participating in any form of drama. I stopped acting, stage managing, directing, doing costumes. I just stopped. I decided that I could never do anything with it. I got hurt by a nasty drama teacher. I was a bit broken. I had no faith in myself or my abilities.

Leaving is like a curse that followed me around. It would hit me with a punch every time I walked into a theatre. Last week my kindergarten took our oldest students for their dress rehearsal for their graduation in a theatre. All of my sadness washed over me as we walked in there. I wandered around backstage when I had a chance. I breathed in the atmosphere and decided that that was it. I was no longer going to carry my disappointment around with me like a weight.

I have an audition for A Streetcar Named Desire tomorrow. It has been so long since I acted. I am very nervous and very excited. I'm trying to get a monologue under my belt and I've just finished reviewing the play. There are several unknowns. If I find out the play goes up when I'm supposed to go to my brother's wedding, I won't be able to do it. But I'm out there. I'm trying. Whether I get a part or not I think I will be able to start walking into theatres and feeling glad I did.

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Wow!  This seven minute video, MUTO, is of pictures animated on public Buenos Aires walls. Created by BLU.

(Found via Creative Generalist)

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It's tragic really.

How do you teach and English class when you have no voice?

Last Friday during the afternoon, I had no voice. I could whisper but has anyone here tried to whisper instructions 6 year olds? I need to get across specific instructions on how "u" sounds when there is an "e" behind it. Yeah, it was fun. I have class tomorrow and I still have a voice that isn't going to hold out for the entire day let alone the entire week. So I have come up with some ideas to help get my point across:

1. Change the lessons to be about seals. Teach the kids how to make sounds like seals: Ork! Ork! Ork!

2. I could become Marcel Marceau

3. I could let them go crazy for the 20 minutes I teach them. But I'm scared of this

Any other suggestions?

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Romantic Escape

Thursday was Labor Day.  As a Chinese holiday it is described as being "no less celebrated than Chinese New Year's Day".  I had shuffled my schedule so that I could have it off with Debbi.  We were going to have a lazy day off together.  Wednesday night Debbi had me head down to the island to meet up with her and her co-workers for dinner.  I showed up at our meeting spot and Debbi is waiting all by herself, no co-workers.  She pulls out a set of tickets, and says "I've booked us a trip to Macau for the night".  Wow.  I did not see this coming.  

We rode a jet foil across the Pearl River Seaway.   Jet foils are cool.  Its about as smooth as riding a train, and fast too.  And once we arrived in Macau we went to our hotel, the Mandrin Oriental.  Quite the place.  Debbi had booked us a holiday package that included one night, dinner, and a 2 hour couples treatment at the spa.  The food was excellent, and it was the nicest room that I've ever stayed in.  

We got up the next morning for out spa visit.  Our treatment consisted of a 20 min full body scrub, 30 min soak in a sangria bath (that's right, we bathed in red wine), and an 80 min full body massage.  Now I have never been to a spa, or even a massage therapist, the idea of having another woman with her hands all over me seems... undesirable.  But let me tell you, as good as your partner is at massage, there's really no comparison to a professional (unless of course your partner is a professional masseuse).  And the fact that Debbi was lying on the table next to me made things less unnerving.  It would be nice to get one of those weekly.  However that would be prohibitively expensive.  After the massage I spent a good hour between the sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and shower.  

I was then ready for a nap, but alas it was not to be, we had to checkout.   I was exhausted for the rest of the day.  I'm not sure if having an intense massage is actually tiring, its more that it relaxes you so completely that you need to sleep it off.  But since we were only in Macau for the day, we needed to see the sites.  

For those of you not up on your city states, Macau, like Hong Kong, is a pseudo independent nation.  Formerly a Portuguese colony, it is now going through a 50 year transition back to Chinese rule.  Macau is known for its odd mix of Chinese and Portuguese culture.  To walk through the city you see images that in your mind are not meant to be together.   You can walk into a Catholic church during mass and see several Chinese reciting the liturgy.  Huh?!  Macau is also the new gambling capitol of the world, because Vegas is so blase.  We walked the old town during the afternoon, had a tasty dinner at a Brazilian cafe, then we decided to go try out the casinos.  We spent 10HKD (1.50 CAD) on slot machines and decided that it wasn't much fun.  So we headed off to find dessert.  Then back to the ferry terminal for the journey back home arriving at 11.  

It was a whirlwind tour.  Very exciting.  And a complete surprise.   

Big Bed
Mary with child
I'm getting juice!
Macau at night
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