26? Try 89.

Evidence I am actually an old lady:

-I apparently take forever to heal

-I have thick ankles. Nooooooooooo!!!!!

-I discuss my health problems with anyone and I mean anyone. You got ears?

-I am constantly sick

-I have used a walker

-I have an unsteady hand when putting on makeup. Disastrous at times really.

-I like going to bed at nine.

Well goodnight kiddies. Love, G-ma Deb


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Fire department just showed up. The road by our house is more like a fast moving stream/river. Awesome.

Update: They have upgraded the rain warning to black, which is the highest level warning. That means there is at least 70 millilitres falling every hour. Sooooooo awesome

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Red 3

Currently we are at a Typhoon 3 signal with a red rain signal.

Translation: lotsa rain and lotsa wind.

Situ: Debbi refuses to go outside. Caper refuses to go outside. Dave is sent outside to get takeout and a movie. He is forbidden to walk underneath trees. He deams this impossible. Dave makes it home safe. Dave refuses to go outside.

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I can't do it anymore. I can't have anymore couchsurfers. I can't have anymore couchsurfers because they are all too wonderful. I can't have anymore couchsurfers because I'm sad when they leave. I can't have anymore couchsurfers because I connect too well with all of them. I can't have couchsurfers anymore because it is like loosing friends again and again.

Well. Maybe I'll just say yes to this one person who asked to stay with me. They have an awesome vibe coming from their profile.

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No Percocet for me.

When I first went to the hospital after falling down the stairs; I saw a doctor in 5 minutes. I went to radiology and was x-rayed in 10. I had to go back to the waiting area where I waited another 10 minutes to see the doctor again with my x-rays. I was given a week long sick leave and appointments to see a specialist and a physiotherapist in the coming week. Then I was helped by the nurse who threw an elastic sock thing on my ankle, taught me how to use the horrific, but free until my next appointment, walker and gave me drugs. This cost HK$100.

The next day I had to go into the hospital to exchange my walker for a set of crutches, thank heaven. I sat down with the physiotherapist who answered all of my questions and was really kind. We are renting the crutches for a total of HK$50/week. I then went downstairs and got the rest of my drugs. They were free because I had paid the initial HK$100 the day before.

Today I had my appointment with the Orthopaedic specialist. I initially had to wait 20 minutes to get into see him but after that it was amazing. He really, honestly looked at my ankle, unlike the cursory glaze any Canadian doctor has ever given me. He was concerned that I might have still broke something due to some weird bruising/pain so I was sent back down to radiology. My x-ray was done in 10 minutes. I waited a whole of one minute to see the specialist. He then spent 10 MINUTES! looking at and comparing my x-rays trying to decide if it was a shadow or a break. He decided that it was a break and then spent another 10 minutes answering my questions, setting up other appointments and giving me another sick leave for 2 MORE WEEKS (total sick leave given is 3 weeks so far). His appointment cost HK$100.

I was then sent down to prosthetics and had a splint made for me. It was the coolest thing ever. I'd say even better than a cast, expect that no one can write on it. She took some measurements and went and cut this piece of plastic. She put it in hot water and then put it around my foot. As the plastic cooled it became my very own splint; made in the image of my beautiful ankle. The sucky part is that it keeps my ankle at a 90 degree angle and aches so bad. She then set up a check up appointment with me. My custom made splint cost me HK$100.

Finally, I went to the drug store and got stronger drugs for HK$20. It took 5 minutes.

So far the total amount spent on my poor, busted ankle is HK $420 or $54 Canadian. I really like the Hong Kong style of Health Care. The one thing to note is that I have a Hong Kong ID card. With this ID card I benefit from the public health care system. Dave doesn't have his ID card yet, so it is tough luck for him if he busts something (but we do have travel insurance as well to cover him).

There are some negative things like there is in every system. You have to go to several different floors and parts of the hospital in the course of a visit. One stop for the drugs, one to pay, one to wait, the actual appointment. It gets a bit old when you are on crutches and have gone up and down the floors once or twice.

Another annoyance is that they never really know which part of my name is my surname or my first name. They have no idea what to call me. Today they asked for Miss Leena. I was the only non-chinese person in the waiting room so I assumed it was for me. I guess they were trying to use my middle name Lynn? I believe that they get really self consious about using English in the microphone because they say everyone else's names clearly but they muffle and move away from the microphone when they go to call my name.

They don't drug you up. I am yet to see any drug that has more that 100 mg in it. They gave me an acetaminophen painkiler that is one eighth the strength of the Tylenol I normally take. He gave me stronger drugs today but they ain't no Percocet. Oh well. They did offer to give me an ingection for the pain when I showed up in emergency that first day. Should have taken them up on the offer if I wanted something stronger than baby-baby tylenol.

But really do I have much to complain about? I have never had such good care. Ever.

Debbi <3s Hong Kong.

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lists and bits

Thing I've done since my dramatic ankle-smashing scene:

-Watched most of Sex and the City season 4

-Watched Amazing Grace

-Watched August Rush

-Sat on the couch


-Went to school on day 3 of injury

-Crutched all the way to the bus stop.

-Surfed the interweb

-Ate crackers and cheese

-Ate watermelon

-Convinced Dave that I wouldn't eat anything but watermelon and crackers and cheese.

-Told the dog to stop jamming his cute little nose into my ankle.

-Ate more crackers and cheese (we ran out of watermelon)

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The old grey mare ain't what she used to be.

We had a lovely morning today. We went to church, met some new people, drank some tea and decided to head home. We discussed what we should do for lunch and talked about the weather. Truth be told, I don't really like lovely days. I like dramatic days where there is adventure and excitement. Give me drama or let me get back to bed!

So instead of continuing my participation in what was becoming a pleasant afternoon I threw myself down the 3 steps of a mini-bus and got my right foot lodged at an impossible angle. I stood half way out of the mini-bus, impeding other people who were attempting to alight. Concerned that I was in the way, I threw myself forward into my loving husband's arms while screaming bloody murder. A golf ball immediately started to grow out of my ankle. I cried and cried buckets of tears that floated the mini-bus off to it's next stop all while drawing the curious attention of everyone within 50 feet of me.

One lady stopped and did some ankle poking. Another woman stopped, who we know from church, and decided that we should visit the hospital. She offered to call 999 (the 911 of Hong Kong) but although I love making a scene, I don't like paying for making a scene. Instead we found a taxi who was given directions to the nearest hospital. The golf ball began to look like a baseball by this point and I made it clear to the cab driver that every bump he careened over would cause me to make whimpering sounds.

Eventually we made it to the hospital. We were told that we would have to wait a long time as these were public hospitals. We saw a doctor in 5 minutes and were off to radiology in 10. I unfortunately did not break my ankle. Instead I came away with a serious sprain. It is disappointing that I don't have a broken ankle for two reasons. One being that casts are really cool and all of your friends can sign them. The other reason is that people often think that sprains are a bit wimpy. Go on, I know you know someone who has walked on their sprained ankle after one minute of pain. The problem with serious sprains is that they are serious. In fact, I will get to enjoy some wonderful physiotherapy to help make my ankle better. A basic break of a bone is a pain in the butt, however, there are fewer long term concerns with your ankle. Sure, you're ankle looks emancipated for a while after they take off the cast but you recover. This is the fourth time I have seriously sprained the same ankle. When you seriously sprain your ankle you end up with torn ligaments , scar tissue and a weak ankle. Hence why you have to go to a physiotherapist to prevent your ankle from spraining again. Maybe I should phone up my old physiotherapist and demand my money back.

So I am disappointed that I don't get a cool cast, I have to go to physiotherapy again and that the hospital doesn't have crutches. They only had walkers. When I saw the walker I was pretty upset. None of my older family has to use a walker and I do, at 26.

So I must say that this is the most painful sprain I have had yet. I also have a dog now that likes to ram his cute little nose into the baseball (what we are caling my ankle right now). I also get a few more days off of work. I thought about going into work tomorrow and then I started wondering how I would lower myself into the chairs at the kindergarten and thought better of it. Although the kids love slap stick humor, and they would get a kick out of me missing the tiny chair and crashing onto the ground I'm not willing to be that funny.

huzzah! to dramatic days!


ps physiotherapy is not a massage hour. It is painful and you have homework. gross.

Come hither to my walker
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I'm going to be an airplane.

Every once and a while I forget the question that has haunted me from the day I stumbled out of my high school, surprised and pleased that I managed to attend enough classes and regurgitate enough garbage to get my high school diploma. The question that continues to haunt me is what every child gets asked: "What will you be when you grow up?" I could delve into my thoughts on being grown up and what exactly does that mean. But I think i will instead stay on the "be" part of the question. What is my career, my goals, my job. I certainly have held a variety of jobs. I have been a Youth Advocate, English Teacher, Customer Service Representative, Door-to-door salesperson, Kitchen Assistant, Volunteer Assistant, Research Assistant and a bunch of other jobs. Some of them could have turned into careers. I probably would have done quite well for a long time as the Youth Advocate. In fact, I have done an excellent job at all of the jobs I have held. The one exception would be the coffee shop job I got fired from after high school. However, I rectified this by doing a great job at a coffee shop job years later.

I know I suffer from the plague of North America Too-much-choice-itis. I could be anything if only I put my mind to it. So what do I want to be? Many people put their input into me but I don't often do anything with it. I feel as though I have left disappointed teachers and mentors all along the way of my journey in life. There was Mrs. Peat the drama teacher who looked sad when I said I gave up theatre. There was Barb who constantly encouraged me to pursue recreation education. Who will I disappoint next? They show me how much potential I have, often talking me through my insecurities and hesitancies only to have me walk away and abandon that path in my life. I need to make the best decision for me.

So I am currently staring at an MA program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. We might end up being here for 2 more years and this is a 2 year program. But is it what I really want? What do I want? What do I want? What what what.

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