my festivus thinkings

Merry Christmas to all you. Dave and I had a great ole time yesterday. we rolled out of bed, opened gifts, half finished a puzzle, baked cookies, ate, ate some more, bought groceries we forgot we needed for our eating, sang, danced, cleaned, played scrabble, watched "A White Christmas" and generally had a fantastic time.

I would count this as a much better Christmas away than my last one. My last Christmas away involved a bunch of drunken expats who started fighting. I was thankfully gone when the fistfight happened but I was traumatized nevertheless. And although I miss home and my family, I'm not a sobbing mess asking, "Why, WHY did I come here?"

In fact that question hasn't even past through my mind. I am very fond of Hong Kong and the people here. I think it also helps that my darling hoosband is with me. There isn't the same pressure to be with everyone all of the time when you're not alone. I think you're given more space. Which we totally took advantage of and turned down every invitation for Christmas day and spent it together. Just me and the boy. I like it.

Merry Christmas lovelies and Happy New Year 

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This comic shows how I feel at parties sometimes. I think its pretty representative of Dave as well.

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ce side and down the other and then up the other side and then..

I had promised some that I would post the photos of my killer hiking experience. It was the most difficult hike I have ever done. I even completed the scramble part (allthough I don't know if you can call going at snails speed 'scrambling') Anyway, I apparently looked very composed and didn't even complain once! But I was dragging my poor little behind....was I ever dragging along. So if you'd like to view the photos, click on this link:

And enjoy my pain.

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We can have you over for dinner soon

So things are settling down in Hong Kong. We are as boring as ever. When given a night to do something on our own, we choose to surf the internet and put together computers. Heaven help us. However, it is good to note that my constant access to internet at my friend Ellen's house (whom we are staying with) has made it possible for several posts to be written. And also because we are boring I can further update you to the lives of the Doube Dees:

We put a deposit down on a house. It is in an area called Shek Kok Mai and is really a stunning house. The apartment is huge in Hong Kong terms. We have about 700 sf of apartment and then sole access to the rooftop which is another 700 sf. We have 2 bedrooms (meaning one guest bedroom, *hint hint*), 2 bathrooms (one is our en suite! The other my darkroom?), the kitchen is pretty western; meaning there are cupboards, drawers and room to actually prepare food. Our bedroom opens out onto a balcony. The flooring is wood. I will post photos when we move in. But I am so happy with this apartment.

Searching for it was very typical Dave and Debbi style. We looked at 5 and then I convinced Dave to go for the most expensive apartment. We put the deposit down the very same day. The last time we needed to find an apartment it took us a day as well. We don't mess around. Its like look, look, look, like, ok lets get this one. To tell you the truth Dave didn't need to be too convinced. He really liked the place and after he did his obligatory number crunching decided that we could afford it.

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The first person to answer the question correctly will get a wonderful prize sent to them all the way from Hong Kong. Give your response by comments on this blog on 

The question is: What is missing?

If you are viewing this post on facebook, you'll need to go to to see the actual photo. 

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hair-doos and hair don'ts

I pondered my choice of hairstyle yesterday as I crossed the GZ/HK border. In my passport photo I have bleach blonde hair that looks perfect because I had just been at the perfect that I think customs officials are having a difficult time determining if I am the person in the that I have practically no hair. One official asked me what my name was. Another asked me why I would do someting like that. (He was the Indian customs officer...they like their women to have long hair). And if I were to look closely at my picture, it does look like I could be wearing a wig. Or I could be using someone elses passport. Its crazy. I think to get into difficult or troubled countries I will need to go blonde again so I don't have to follow the "red" line on the floor. Or perhaps I need to get a blonde wig.

Its like the time my grandmother asked "whose grad photo is that?"  My mom said "Debbi's."

I should become a spy if all it takes is a hair cut to make me look like a completely different person. Maybe a sniper too. I have really good vision. I see a new career for myself.

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Christmas is just around the corner. I am hoping we have our own house by then. But the best part about Christmas time is that it is the time of year when The Nutcracker is on! And because we are in Hong Kong we can actually afford to go. For the last few years I have harrassed Dave into getting tickets. But we were always too poor. Now its cheap! We have great seats for like CAN$50 each. I"m so excited. I love the ballet. We have tickets for the 23rd. Whoohoo

And another thing to be exited about is that we are in Guangzhou, my old stomping grounds. Dave is getting dragged all over to my old haunts including: the "Northern" resturant, the cement park, Vanguards: the mega superstore, and tonight we'll meet up with some of my old friends and go shopping! hurray!

I know this is a wee bit random of a post. but i'm just so excited about getting to eat all the delicious things in GZ that I can't focus. Lam mien, here I come!

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We are moving to....(drum roll please)

Well Kids. The judges have come back into the room with the results. We have come to a decision. Dave and Debbi are moving to Hong Kong.

We have been impressed with Hong Kong from the moment we stepped off the airplane. Transit is amazing. People smile and laugh here. The expat population is huge. We can get organic food. The potential job for me (Debbi) is very good. We already have friends here. It is clean. It has English speaking universities so I can do some courses if I want. We are going to the Nutcracker this Christmas....and we can afford it! There is a huge arts community. I mean I could go on and on about how much we love Hong Kong but you'll have to come and see it yourselves. Many of you did mention that you were interested in visiting Hong Kong. (We're trying to get a apartment with a second room)

So the main reason that we chose Hong Kong was because we couldn't think of a reason not to. Our 3 complaints against Hong Kong thus far are: 1. They speak Cantonese so I can't use my Mandarin skills. 2. There is everywhere in Asia. 3. It is expensive to live here. (If I get the job I'm hoping for there is a housing allowance and Dave and I are planning on living on the outskirts around a village called Sai Kung. It is a really stunning area to live in. Its right on the water and there is lots of hiking to be had. And its cheap)

So why not. It isn't behind the Chinese firewall and it really is not like the China I remember.

So here we stay.

Hong Kong Island
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