The Jasper Daily: Penang Part 2

Here are a few more shots from Penang. We had some really delicious Indian food. Jasper enjoyed his straw thoroughly. We also went to the Botanical Gardens and saw monkeys....we kept a healthy distance from them of course.

In general, the food in Penang was fab-u-lous. The dumpling thingys in the picture below were called top hats, I think. So tasty. And although I didn't get a shot of it, After much searching I found ICE KACHNG! This shaved ice dessert is like a snow cone in theory but snow cones are over-priced and tasteless coloured ice. Ice Kachang is so delicious...I'm salivating now....actually hang on....I think I have a picture of me enjoying an Ice Kachang in Singapore last year....yes I do....see below. Here is a link if my rambling isn't enough information.

I also included so just super cute photos of Jasper from the hotel.

Delicious Straw
Adam and the Pretty Taxi
Always chomping on something
On the Move
So Delicious
Ice Kachang
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The Jasper Daily: Penang

We went to Penang, Malaysia for Chinese New Year with my brother Adam. Here are some of the shots.

Uncle Adam and Jasper
Jasper's first sing ride
Behind Bars
Sun Protection
Adam and the Walls of Many Colours
Nom Nom
Little Swimmer
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To anyone that doesn't understand what I do

Whenever someone asks me about what I do I talk about how I build websites using open source and then give away the software that I make.  Mostly people have no idea what I'm talking about or why I'd want to be involved in something like this.  A long-time friend of mine - Steve Fisher - recently gave a talk at TEDxYYC in Calgary about what motivates him to be involved in Open Source.  If you don't understand what this Open Source thing is give it a view.

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The Jasper Daily: Asks Us to Improve Our Organizational Skills

Jasper inspected the Tupperware and found it to be unsatisfactorily stacked. He tore out our previous work and asked us to start again. This guy means business.

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The Jasper Daily: Stretches His Wings

Watch out! This duck bites. ( hurts)

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The Jasper Daily: Interior Designer

Jasper isn't sure how that pattern will go with this one.

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The Jasper Daily: Takes on the books

Jasper has already started studying for his GED. Smart baby.

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The Jasper Daily: Uncle Rich

Jasper and Uncle Rich, just hanging out.

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