recipe: migraine soup

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Last night I O.D.'ed on Doctor Who. Meaning that I watched so much Doctor Who that I gave myself a headache. Damn you head! I have so many triggers for my migraines, but if I watch too much tv or if I watch tv during the day time, it is almost guaranteed to become a migraine. I did both.
The best part is that I know when I'm about to watch too much. My head was hurting as I thought, "Just one more won't hurt." knowing that full well, it would hurt. After I finished the episode, I tried to get to sleep. But the headache was already too big. I drugged myself, threw a wet wash cloth over my eyes and hoped for the best.
I woke up this morning with a migraine. A Doctor Who hangover. I tried to go to work. But I couldn't do it. Nausea started to take over, so I went home.
I have slept most of the day. I practised my home remedy (2 extra-strength gel cap advil, 2 ultra-strength tylenol, washed down with coffee, while in the shower). Gotta love my headache ritual, without it I would never get to see my beloved Doctor (other than Sheona, she doesn't give me migraines)

  • I was chatting with some nurses about migraine treatment. Here's a new one for me, I think it might go well with the soup:

    1 potato - chopped

    Place chopped potato on forehead and tie there tightly with cloth.

    Leave for 24 minutes or until migraine relents. Go to bed.

    Only to be used after gel caps, tylenol, expresso, and a hot hot hot shower.