steaming hot

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work your body. work work your body.

Erin and I used her uber-posh passes for the YWCA today. The uber-posh means that there is a sauna and a whirlpool in the change rooms. And hairspray. I made good use of that. But I did go and work out today. I have been promising myself that I would go for a while now and I'm happy that Erin bullied me into it. Ha ha.

I really can't go back to a regular gym. You know, gyms where you have to make sure you're wearing flip flops at all times. Where you are mildly concerned that your locker will get broken into. Where the place looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years. I have been way too spoiled. The gym I went to in China was posh as well. They didn't have a whirlpool, but they did have a steam room and towel service. there was hairspray there too. The thing about posh work out spots is that I don't think I can convince myself to get to the gym unless there is the promise of a naked steam after all my hard work.

Dave and I went to the Leisure Centre the other day. We couldn't go in the pool, "something" was in the pool that wasn't supposed to be there and we only had 1/2 hour until we would get kicked out for Teen Night anyway. So as all of the hot tubs were filled with teenagers, we tried the public steam room. Waste of time. Not only were there giggly teens, but they kept opening and closing the bleeding door! They would open the door, look in and then call 16 of their closest friend into the steam room. So the room went from moderately warm to bleeding freezing as they all held the door for buddy.They stayed for the whole of 30 seconds to turn around and all troop out. Hello, it is actually supposed to be hot in here.

So, I have been ruined. I don't want to sit swathed in a bathing suit, sliding on a slimy shelf being ogled by buddy and his 16 friends. I want to relax and stretch my neck a little. I want no more that 8 people in at one time. I want people to be comfortable enough to just sit in the steam room naked and not worry about what other people think. I like to be among my own lovely gender and steam.

My pocket book is going to pay for my indulgence, but hey if it gets me to the gym and feeling healthier, I think a steam is worth it.