Becoming Orthodox

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I just woke up from a dream I had about my time at the Orthodox Church. I went to one in Marda Loop St. Peter the Aleut for around 3 years an got heavily involved. I dated one or two of the boys, attended every Sunday and participated in everything I could. I didn't have many complaints about the teachings and I was really quite drawn to the idea of the mystery of God.

But something held me back. I gave becoming Orthodox a serious consideration. There was something so very right in me becoming Orthodox. I had struggled so long in my faith that I longed for something more concrete than I currently had. I agreed with most bits about the theology, I loved the people and I felt like I had come home. I really did. It felt like becoming Orthodox was a perfect fit for me. Shane once said that the only time I hadn't struggled with my faith was when I attended St. Peter's. And I think that is the complete truth

But then the floor fell out. I ended up having a conversation with an important professor who warned me about becoming Orthodox. I was dating one of the boys at the church and we had a talk about me becoming Orthodox. he had thought I had decideded, but I hadn't. I then had a very bad dream that scared me badly. I decided to talk to the priest about the dream and see if he had any ideas about what it was about. We ended up not talking about the dream but rather talking about me becoming Othordox. It wasn't productive.

So here I am years later looking back with longing. It probably was ignited by seeing one of the girls I knew from St. Peters a couple times this month. Nevertheless, I think that my connection to the Orthodox church is not over quite yet.