When They Say: 'Post or Electronic?'...ALWAYS SAY POST!

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Let us take a break from our amazing Jasper daily to interject with my wild and bewildered ramblings.

I had my yearly cervical screening recently. (sorry if TMI) and I foolishly signed up for the electronic version for notification of the results. I got an email, saying that my results were in and that I needed to go to this website to access them.

Let it be known that I have never been to this website before.

When I try and go it says I can only access the website with Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator (side note: does anyone still use Netscape Navigator? ).

I don't run IE (ew), so I have to wait until I can use my work computer. At work, I look at the website and try to figure out where to go so I can access the results. It takes me a whole 5 minutes to figure out where I need to go for my account. The words used in the email, don't match the website and the navigation words on the website and weird and ambiguous. Like which one would you go to: User Login, User Registration or Account Activation?

Finally, I find the activation form. But when I look at the form, they need an activation number that I don't have. Presumably they sent one in the post, but I don't recall getting it.

So then I try and get an activation code sent to me, but after filling in the form (several times because they don't recognize anything but letters and spaces and because I didn't fill out my Chinese name), I am told that I already have an account created. ARG!!!!!!!?!?! What the?!?!?!?!? How is that possible?

I think, 'Well since there is an account for me already, I just need the password.' So then, I try and get them to send me a new password and it tells me that I don't have an account created. OH MY GOODNESS!

By this time, I've started to pull out my hair. So I decided to give them a call. But they are on their lunch break.

I give up.

  • Netscape has had < 1% market share since 2006.

  •  Too funny! Hopefully none of the results from the screening were that important because it sounds like they have made it impossible for you to retrieve it. When you finally do get them on the phone, they will probably say that they cannot assist you with the website. Word of advice, get the stress balls ready.