I blame Julia Roberts

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Dave, Ellen and myself took some of the movie Eat, Pray, Love to heart and decided to fill our bellies with delicious Italian food. We went to that Italian place in Festival Walk where the portions are massive and none of us can ever remember what it is called.  At the end of the meal, I decide that I must have a dessert. I had tried a semi-frodo before and had fallen in love with it. Thus I demanded that we order the on-special delight. We polished off most of the pasta and salad we ordered, but still needed to ask them to pack up the remaining portions. Then I saw the waiters coming towards us with what appeared to be the most massive dessert I had ever seen. I quietly prayed that the huge concoction was bound for the table next to us. Alas, they proudly put it on our table with flourish. Our stomachs already filled to capacity from all the amazing pasta reluctantly grabbed our spoons and attempted to eat our way through the monstrosity of a dessert. We failed miserably. I think we managed to eat a quarter of its total mass.

what is that
dave considers his plan of attack
who ordered this!
ellen post dessert monstrocity
good heavens