An Ode to the Dear Leader

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You may or may not know that I have a special place in my heart for North Korea. Some may even say I have a small obsession. When Dave and I were planning on moving to South Korea (but ended up in Hong Kong...another story...another time) I totally read up more on the North than the South. My obsession flourished after I saw a video of the Mass Games (see below). The insanity, and awesomeness of that video made me realize I MUST visit and go to the Mass Games in N.K. 

I continued reading and found out that I find country-wide personality cults and propaganda are really fascinating. It is hard to put a finger on what I find so interesting, I guess I just can't imagine what it would be like to live/be there. Like the level of phenomenal. The lack of technology, especially because they are living right above the most online country in the world. Honestly, it is top of my list of places I'd love to visit. Dave is, unfortunately, under the impression that I'll say something stupid and get thrown in a gulag. And it probably isn't the greatest time to visit with them blowing up SK war ships and shooting at islands.

But when Dave comes to his senses and realizes that I would be on my best behaviour I will go watch the traffic ladies do their dance. And take the subway that only has two stops and actors for commuters. And gaze upon the "Hotel of Doom", otherwise known as the Ryugyong Hotel. 

What it comes down to it is that I love me some Dear Leader. Until I get there, I'll have to rely on the internet to give me my North Korea fix. And the internet doesn't disappoint. Please see: The Dear Leader looking at things. Soooo Awesome.