Wwwhhheeeeeeee! Emotional rollercoastering

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This week has been a traumatic emotional roller coaster. And its pretty natural and normal to feel this way when you are leaving the country.

I've been starting my afternoons with a good old fashioned panic attack. The kind that cause me to hyperventilate and have very little patience with my beautiful partner. The trouble with our visas is given me something directly to freak out about. But I think my fears run the whole gamut of possible stressors. Moving, selling, boxing, leaving, cleaning, writing, finishing, all of these things need to be finished, all while I go to work, wrap up my files, say goodbye to kids and co-workers, and finish unfinished brochures.

I love that when I'm stressed that I have crazy dreams and do weird sleepwalking tricks. Dave got shot in my dreams the other night. I was pretty unhappy with that. Told off the RCMP officer who shot him.

All the while, I know it'll work out. It always has in some form or another.