safe and sound

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Dave and I made it. It was by far my most gruelling flight experience to date. We made it to LA with very little problems. After the long wait to get through security we figured out our gate and hung out. They then subjected us to another security check and finally we were able to board. Of course then we are detained over an hour so the American engineers can make sure our terribly old 747 is able to fly. Then we were Frankfurt. Man, that was a long flight. Then we waited for a few more hours on the ground in Frankfurt. We weren't allowed to leave the plane. Finally took off. I kicked Dave's but in crib 2x in a row. ha ha. I read an entire book and played games that AJ had made for me. The only thing I was really wishing for on the plane (other than wanting it to be over) was the ability to brush my teeth. But LA is pretty strict and we weren't allowed to bring toothpaste in our carry on.

But we are here and dave is jonesing for a tea. We should meet up with Lorn, Darryl and Erin tonight and hopefully Byron tomorrow.