Happy Birthday Master Jasper

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To my Darling Jasper,

I think every year this letter is going to start in amazement because I am in complete and utter awe of you. Seriously kid, you blow my mind! And now, you're not even a toddler anymore. You have graduated to pre-schooler. I can have conversations with you. Like conversations where we ask each other questions and we laugh and make up jokes. We even have inside jokes...Banana! You speak so clearly and although I see bits and pieces of language that you picked up from me and your dada, most of your mannerisms are all yours. And watching you try out new ways of expressing yourself is mind blowing. For example, when we were talking about 'footie' pajamas (the pajamas that have a slipper foot), you asked me if you had any 'armie' pajamas, as in, pajamas with sleeves. It took me a moment to figure out what you were saying. But how we laughed afterwards.

And you know how to laugh. Your laugh is infectious. I have many wishes for you my darling, but I hope that you will always be able to find joy and laugh as you do now.

One thing that has come out over the last year is that you know your own mind. For your birthday party this year, you had specific requests of wanting a cake AND cupcakes that had white and purple icing (we were able to convince you that cupcakes would be enough), a bunny (toy not real), and that you wanted your party on the beach. All which we were able to achieve. You aren't inflexible, but you'd prefer things your way if they could be.
Although, you went through a terrible stage where you weren't as reasonable. Thankfully it was short-lived. Whew.

We have had other struggles too. It is hard when I work long hours and Dada is working hard too. We are getting into the groove of me being in placement. When I sleep in the guestroom so I don't disturb you and Dada when I'm on call, you come, knock on the door and call out, "Are you there Mama?". And if I'm home, then we curl up in bed together and spend some time chatting before I have to leave.

Life isn't always easy, but my love for you runs so deep that you'll never see the bottom.

So 'cheers' to my Darling Jasper. May your fourth year of life be as amazing as the last three have been. May you grow more fully into the person you are to become. Happy Birthday!