locked in

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This morning Dave got up before me and asked if I wanted to be locked in the room (I was sleeping) . See we have a room where you can lock people in the room. Very strange. Since Dave was going down to use the internet, I decided that no, I did not want to be locked in the room (who knows how long he would be) ! So I woke up and noticed that the key to lock the door on either side was gone. I tried the door...and couldn't open it. He locked me in! I thought I would get ready and if wasn't back by the time I was ready to go, I would tell him my displeasure. I waited and waited and he didn't come. Then someone switched off my power (the switches are on the outside) and the fan stopped. So I sat there sweating and waiting. I had a book light and I read same of my book...without a fan. Finally someone knocked on Daryl, Lorn and Erin's door. (we have a window with bars on it into the hallway) I looked like I was in jail. Darryl went and got the key from Dave.

Apparently Dave pretended to lock the door when a sketchy guy was coming up the stairs....which must have kind of pushed the boltlock across a little bit. Daryl wiggled the key a little bit and one of the guys who works he showed him that the door is a bit sticky.

oh dear. i get the key from now on. 

  • Oh dear, indeed. Sounds like everyday will be an adventure. Enjoy!