hanging with hippies in rishikesh

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So currently we are all in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is where the Beatles came and stayed for a while. There are ashrams and sadhus everywhere. It is a completely vibe from the farm. It is very touristy but in a more "holy" touristy way. Forieners have "gone native" and wander around in bits of cloth, handing out literature about their particular guru.

Our first night here we went down to one particular ashram where they were having a sing along. At a particular point in the night, plates with oil lit on them were passed around and people began lighting candles and insense that were put into little boats made of leaves, filled with marigolds and red flowers and set afloat on The Ganges. It looked very pretty. The insence was very very thick in the air. We eventually left.

I ran into a bookshop that had a book on home Ayurvedic remedies. Ayurvedic is a natural form of medical remedies that focuses much attention on how a person needs to try and balance their life. Very interesting stuff. As we all have colds (except Dave) I think I'm going to pull out the book and try and figure something out. They also have a massage (called an oily massage) that involved herbs and spices as well as dribbling oil on your forehead. I'd like to try it out soon. I need a massage!

Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Jaipur in the province of Rajistan. We are hoping to stay there for a while, at least a week. Dave and I might find a place that can teach us massage. Lorn, Daryl and Erin are going to try and find someone to teach them pottery. All of us are also hoping to go on a camel trek. Not a very long one...camels aren't the most comfortable animal to ride.

Rajistan is  a very dynamic part of India and I'm excited to go....although the veiw from my current hotel of the himalayas and the Ganges will be hard to give up.