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After a few days in Jaipur, Byron and I went off on a camel trek together. We took an overnight AC bus to Jodhpur (By far my best bus experience so far, but AC is too cold). As we were booking our trip we met 2 guys from Victoria who had just come from a camel trip deeper into the desert and they told us horror stories of how bad it hurt: "I broke my nose once; ridding a camel hurt more." But they said that it was worth it, so we carried on.

From Jodhpur we took a 1hr local bus to Osian where we met our guide Namm. There was a 1-hump camel for each of us. Byron and I rode in front of the humps while Namm and his younger brother rode in the rear. It wasn't half as bad as what the guys from Victoria described. I'm guessing they didn't have saddles.

It was a 6km ride to Namm's house which was our base camp. The only other buildings in the vicinity are a few huts, one of which we stayed in. Over the next 24hrs we made 3 treks into the surrounding desert and to local villages. I think we spent about 11 hrs on camel back. We saw antelope, goats, sheep, a fox, and at least 20 species of birds including peacocks and a kingfisher. The people here grow mostly millet or castor or raise sheep and goats. It was a blast.

On the afternoon of the second day we rode back to Osian, bid our host goodbye, and rode the bus back to our hotel in Jodhpur. The next day we went to see Mehrangarh which is truly a sight to see. It's like Minas Tirath from the Lord of the Rings, only it's real life. This huge fort is 500 years old and has never fallen in battle.

We stayed there 1 more night before catching a sleeper train back to Delhi to rejoin Debbi, Erin, Daryl and Lauren.


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