travelling on movie created memories

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Riding trains in India is unbelieveably romantic. You can do the most ridiculous things on the trains. You can run beside a moving train as it carries your lover away. You can lean out the door. You can jump off as the train is still moving. You can do any number of rather dangerous acts all while on a train in India. Its a wonder more people don't die. I mean plenty of people do, but I guess it is one of the great marvels of India, it usually works out.  

On my way back to where we are staying tonight, I'm going to stick my head out the side of the train and feel the air on my face. I will of course be careful, and a wee bit romantic.

  • Hey hey you sexy thing.

    Umm I would like to know more about the glamorous Bollywood and what you are up to there please - or else I will bite you!!

    Much love,