oh the irony

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I may be occasionally known to warn people of the dangers of coconut trees. More people die of coconuts falling on their heads than they do of shark attacks. Not very many people you would think. You might be thinking that I should focus my efforts into car accidents or heart disease and avoid leave coconuts behind.

I fear that will never happen because yesterday I found out that coconut-falling-on-your-head deaths are the highest cause of natural death in the Caribbean. I found out this lovely little tidbit about half an hour after a coconut tree fell two inches from my head. My friends, I think that now my mind will be concentrated on possible death via coconut.

The story goes as follows. There was a bit of a storm in the afternoon yesterday. Some rain, some wind, it wasn't anything we hadn't seen before. I was feeling a bit nibbly and ventured out to find some cookies. The guy who worked the kiosk at our hotel was busy swimming so I walked down the beach to see what I could find. There wasn't much open, so I headed back to our hotel empty-handed.

The kiosk-guy was there so I asked him for some cookies. Just as he went to grab some out of the cupboard we hear a 'SNAP' and I look at his face and he looked confused/scared and then right behind my head the top half of a coconut tree fell. It had fallen on the roof of the closest beach shack and a little bit onto the kiosk. The water that had collected from the storm on the roof of the shack came pouring all over me.

I stepped over the tree and everyone from our beach shack "village" was there asking me if I was okay. Dave came running around the corner, and chastised me for going out when things were falling (I saw nothing fall).

Here are some of the pictures. The first ones are the aftermath. The latter two are me getting my revenge on the tree by eating the fallen coconuts! For our visual learners...Look at the first photo. I was standing just infront of the Bisleri sign on the right side of the sign.

the aftermath
the tree
The repairs
the benefits
Mmmm, coconut flesh