subconsious meanderings

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These past few nights have been bizarre. I'm not sure if it is the build up of methoqine (the crazy anti-malarial medication we are taking) in my system, or that I have been having a drink or two with dinner, or what it is but the past 3 nights my dreams have been very vivid and very strange.

Take Tuesday night's dream. I dreamed about my friend Shane, whom I really haven't thought of for a few years. But In this dream I was upset that I hadn't invited him over for dinner when he was poor. Very strange.

Wednesday's dream was mostly me telling Dave about the "rainbow fishy things". You know the rainbow fishy things. Yeah. And as this was me talking in my sleep, you can imagine how confused Dave was. I think he became more confused when I tried to explain how you use the rainbow fishy things. I also started being very concerned about a possible tsunami and how our little beach hut was going to float away.

Last night was not very much fun as I dreamed that someone I used to love thought I was vulgar and awful. I shouldn't really care what this person thinks of me but I wonder if subconsciously I still must. I woke up and felt terrible about myself. But after I woke Dave up so that he would cuddle. I felt so much better.

Tonight should bring some interesting dreams. I hope it is more along the lines that I make up story lines for people I don't even know anymore.