watching the tide roll away

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Our life on the beach:

We wake up. We read in bed. We get dressed. We brush our teeth. We put on our shoes. We walk to breakfast. We order almost the same thing everyday at the same resturant. We read during breakfast. As we have been alone for a long time, we don't have much to say to each other. We finish breakfast and go to internet. Then we usually complete our one task for the day. Tasks have included: rent scooters, lay on the beach, buy a skirt, book tickets out of here, wash clothes. We usually only do one task per day. Then we read. I am averaging 1.5 books a day. Its a good thing the book store buys the books back, otherwise Dave's pack would be so heavy! ha ha. Then we go to dinner. Sometimes we get the girls in the shack to join us. And then we go to bed. Usually we fall asleep while reading.

That is a day in Dave and Debbi's life right now. Isn't it grand.

  • Sounds awesome! I will live vicariously through you two... =)

  • Sounds alright, but surely you must get jealous thinking of me, getting up before the sun to go work nine hours in a dusty environment only to fight rush hour traffic on the way home as the last daylight moments slip away behind the hills. And did I mention that on really lucky days I get to scrape the frost of my windshield?

  • Just to clarify any misunderstandings, by "Sometimes we get the girls in the shack to join us." She meant the girls in the next shack.

  • It sounds okay.