Bang bang bang

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Several things have happened in a rather short span of time.

The first being that Dave and I ended up staying in Goa for 15 amazing days. It was great because we got to meet up with Byron again and we ended up with a wonderful group of people. We became like a group from summer camp and were really reluctant to move on. It was so sad when we all left (on the same day).  But our extended stay in Goa meant we needed to do some fast travelling to get to our the last few items on our to do in India list. So we went off to  Bangalore, en route to Pondicherry. We convinced a postal worker to extend his hours so we could send Christmas presents home and hopped on a very deluxe bus to Pondicherry. We would have one night in Pondy, one night in some random town while we waited for the train to Ooty. Hopped on a train to Ooty and have one day there and then hop on a bus back to Bangalore. We would have had one day in Bangalore and then flown to Hong Kong.

The second thing that happened was that on the day we were supposed to go to Ooty, I got quite ill and had to lay in bed for more than a day.  So currently Dave and I are stuck in Pondicherry. The benefits of this are that we aren't travelling everyday for an entire week. But I miss out on the toy tain you take up to Ooty. Oh well. I guess if we can miss the Taj Mahal, we can miss the toy train. We'll save those for next time.

The third thing was that there are many new visa restrictions in South Korea for ESL teachers that will be coming up and we aren't sure where we will be in a couple weeks time. Any suggestions?