We are moving to....(drum roll please)

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Well Kids. The judges have come back into the room with the results. We have come to a decision. Dave and Debbi are moving to Hong Kong.

We have been impressed with Hong Kong from the moment we stepped off the airplane. Transit is amazing. People smile and laugh here. The expat population is huge. We can get organic food. The potential job for me (Debbi) is very good. We already have friends here. It is clean. It has English speaking universities so I can do some courses if I want. We are going to the Nutcracker this Christmas....and we can afford it! There is a huge arts community. I mean I could go on and on about how much we love Hong Kong but you'll have to come and see it yourselves. Many of you did mention that you were interested in visiting Hong Kong. (We're trying to get a apartment with a second room)

So the main reason that we chose Hong Kong was because we couldn't think of a reason not to. Our 3 complaints against Hong Kong thus far are: 1. They speak Cantonese so I can't use my Mandarin skills. 2. There is pollution...like everywhere in Asia. 3. It is expensive to live here. (If I get the job I'm hoping for there is a housing allowance and Dave and I are planning on living on the outskirts around a village called Sai Kung. It is a really stunning area to live in. Its right on the water and there is lots of hiking to be had. And its cheap)

So why not. It isn't behind the Chinese firewall and it really is not like the China I remember.

So here we stay.

Hong Kong Island
  • Congratulations you two!! I am so happy that you have found a place to settle - I hope it goes really well!!

    Much love!!