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Christmas is just around the corner. I am hoping we have our own house by then. But the best part about Christmas time is that it is the time of year when The Nutcracker is on! And because we are in Hong Kong we can actually afford to go. For the last few years I have harrassed Dave into getting tickets. But we were always too poor. Now its cheap! We have great seats for like CAN$50 each. I"m so excited. I love the ballet. We have tickets for the 23rd. Whoohoo

And another thing to be exited about is that we are in Guangzhou, my old stomping grounds. Dave is getting dragged all over to my old haunts including: the "Northern" resturant, the cement park, Vanguards: the mega superstore, and tonight we'll meet up with some of my old friends and go shopping! hurray!

I know this is a wee bit random of a post. but i'm just so excited about getting to eat all the delicious things in GZ that I can't focus. Lam mien, here I come!