hair-doos and hair don'ts

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I pondered my choice of hairstyle yesterday as I crossed the GZ/HK border. In my passport photo I have bleach blonde hair that looks perfect because I had just been at the perfect that I think customs officials are having a difficult time determining if I am the person in the that I have practically no hair. One official asked me what my name was. Another asked me why I would do someting like that. (He was the Indian customs officer...they like their women to have long hair). And if I were to look closely at my picture, it does look like I could be wearing a wig. Or I could be using someone elses passport. Its crazy. I think to get into difficult or troubled countries I will need to go blonde again so I don't have to follow the "red" line on the floor. Or perhaps I need to get a blonde wig.

Its like the time my grandmother asked "whose grad photo is that?"  My mom said "Debbi's."

I should become a spy if all it takes is a hair cut to make me look like a completely different person. Maybe a sniper too. I have really good vision. I see a new career for myself.

  • I have always been bugged by people about my ever changing hair styles. I don't understand why someone would want the same hair style from age 18 - 65. Come on people mix it up a bit. It's hair, it grows back. I also did have a small problem once flying to Kelowna on Westjet. I didn't look like my ID anymore because of the hair change. They let me go but they told be I had better update my picture.