my festivus thinkings

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Merry Christmas to all you. Dave and I had a great ole time yesterday. we rolled out of bed, opened gifts, half finished a puzzle, baked cookies, ate, ate some more, bought groceries we forgot we needed for our eating, sang, danced, cleaned, played scrabble, watched "A White Christmas" and generally had a fantastic time.

I would count this as a much better Christmas away than my last one. My last Christmas away involved a bunch of drunken expats who started fighting. I was thankfully gone when the fistfight happened but I was traumatized nevertheless. And although I miss home and my family, I'm not a sobbing mess asking, "Why, WHY did I come here?"

In fact that question hasn't even past through my mind. I am very fond of Hong Kong and the people here. I think it also helps that my darling hoosband is with me. There isn't the same pressure to be with everyone all of the time when you're not alone. I think you're given more space. Which we totally took advantage of and turned down every invitation for Christmas day and spent it together. Just me and the boy. I like it.

Merry Christmas lovelies and Happy New Year