Lip Ring

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So I am excited to announce that both Clement and Nathan won the contest of "what was missing". They both answered quite close to each other, so we decided that we would give them both a prize! Runner-ups were Sheona and Dave's mom Sandi.

So I gave up my lip ring. I said that if it were to get in my way of getting a job, I'd take it out. And it appeared that it would be in the way of a good job. So out it came with 2 pairs of pliers I bought at a hardware store. It was more difficult to take out than I thought. Took me almost an hour to pry it apart.

One downside to the lip ring coming out is that I am biting my lips constantly. Before, when I as nervous I would twirl my ring around but now that its gone, I've resorted to gnawing on my mouth. I do it unconsciously, so it isn't until I'm in pain that I realize what I've done.

AH sweet lip ring. Until I'm retired.....I'll see you then.