Stelmach vs the guy who legally paid for

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Dear Ed,

There is a reason companies buy out all possible domain names when they start their business. You're a little too late. And you're being a wee bit heavy-handed. Perhaps a phone call could have attracted a more positive response. 


People who know better 


  • Dear Eddie,

    Don't be stupid, stupid. Your name is a your name. It might also be someone elses. It is not your property. And I think the guy who bought your domain did it because you were too dumb to buy it in the first place. And I think he wants you to call so he can sell it to you for way too much. And I think that is cheap of him. But he has as much right to do that as you do to sue him and you both come off looking like idiots. But you do not speak for me, I do not know that your name is your property.

    Have a nice day.

  • Hi Dave,
    I think Albertans should make a big deal about this to shut Ed up and give him a better understanding about exactly how powerful the internet is.

    Check out my post on this:

    All the best,