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I gotta tell you guys; I'm bored out of my tree.

First off: It's cold here in Hong Kong. I know not like -40 C Canada cold. But it's bone chillingly cold. So due to the bone chilling nature of the outside, I prefer to stay inside.

Inside, incidentally is not much warmer than outside. The difference is that there isn't any wind. 

However, this further exacerbates the boredom. Normally, I would entertain myself by looking up The Daily Show  on YouTube. But we have only one computer and Dave apparently needs it for work.

Most of my other options involve money.

1. Join a gym. I told myself before we left Canada that I would join a gym when we settled. The problem is that I won't go to a gym that doesn't have a sauna, towel service and free hair mousse. Not that I need hair mousse, but the very indulgence of it being there makes going to a bloody gym more bearable. If I have to get on a step machine for 30 minutes beside a Lycra wearing twig, the very least I should get is to be able to look at free mousse while on my way to the sauna in my towel service towel.

2. Take an art class. Also of the expensive variety. I have a knack for only liking expensive things. I get it from my father. Anyway, photography courses that aren't expensive are either taught in Cantonese or not running until the summer.

3. Go for a walk. Free. I have gone on several walks. I did mention it is cold here but I braved the cold yesterday and took myself to town. But then I had my very first bout of homesickness over a desire to have coffee with Lisa. Dangerous business this walking. 

4. Go Shopping. Not free. I would love for this to be an option. There are many cute items in shops here that would look fabulous on me. However, shops are expensive places for me to go into and Dave and I might not always see eye to eye on what is necessity Best to avoid shopping to encourage marital happiness.

5. Read a book. Killer deal. I have been reading several books, some are good, some are bad. Which is why I asked for suggestions in my last blog . And so I could badger people about their thoughts on page 167. I also get a killer deal from the used book store. I get 50% credit and 50% cash when I return books. I wonder how they make any money.

6. Volunteer. Warm-dogooder feeling free. This would be a lovely option if I was allowed to do so on a tourist visa. 

 Sigh. Back to my book then.