It isn't going to be under my bed...I'm better at hiding than that

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I used to hate banks.

I know this probably isn't a revelation to those of you who remember my constant outbreaks at banks before Dave took care of it all. (If you missed the outbreaks...they were colossal...and I got service very quickly).

Things have changed and I really really hate banks now. As soon as I can, I would like to revert to my old "hiding random bits of money around the house" trick. At least I had money when I needed it. And I didn't have to answer the most obscure security questions ever. (hmmmmm PC Financial.)

Currently my reasons for really really hating banks are as follows:

We have been given half-information, mis-information and any other type of not helpful information you could imagine. We have cheques stuck in hold. We have cheques stuck in wire transfers. I'm sure there are other ways for cheques to be stuck; we just haven't thought of them yet. I would really like for a cheque to be stuck in my pocket, in the form of cash.

The main issue is that Dave gets paid from an American company. Apparently Canada (hmmmmmmm HSBC) doesn't like to cash American dollars. Well they won't do it quickly at any rate. I have never heard of a cheque being held for a month. Never. Does it honestly take a month to make sure the cash is there? Somehow I don't think so.

We are now trying wire transfers. I should not be this hard to send wire transfers between two countries who speak the same language and who are right beside each other. It didn't help matters that both of our banks gave us the incorrect information. The money is sitting somewhere in the U.S. We think. Who really knows.

If things are not resolved soon, I will be calling the banks. I'm not as forgiving as Dave and I'm certainly more likely to cause a ruckus, even over the phone.

So in the words of Ben Folds Five. "Give me my money back. Give me my money back. You..."

Heck, lets even throw in the black t-shirt you stole off my back.