passport tips

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  1. Fill out the application online (You still need to drop it off at the passport office, but that line is much shorter).
  2. Don't go on Friday. I bet Monday would be a good day
  3. Go in the afternoon - everyone else thinks they'll go first thing in the morning to avoid the lines.
  4. If you're in Calgary, go to the south office (McLeod & south of Anderson).
  5. If your old passport got wet one time when you were caught out in a monsoon, and the ink got smudged a bit. You'll need to go find a notary public so that you can make an oath that this is indeed your passport and not a forgery.
  6. In the signature sample box on the application there's a thick border. There's big bold text that says "If your signature touches this border your application is void". If you signed this while standing up, with a gel pen, and no book or something else hard underneath, and your signature consequently went all over the place, don't stress. You won't need to go make another copy, drive across the city to find your executor to re-sign the application, and drive all the way back, hoping that you'll get there before they close. Instead the clerk will just put a sticker over top of your botch, and you try again.
  • People from out of town will come in on Sunday and stay over night and be in line first thing Monday morning. Was in line over 2 hours.

    - Peace