Stuff White People Like

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Now we like to think of ourselves as two people who are very inclusive, we push the boundaries of convention, and we try to break out of the molds of the stereotypes that we find ourselves boxed in.  

However, yesterday Debbi came across this really funny blog: Stuff White People Like.   It's only been in existence for 2 months, and there are already 87 posts on what defines white people (albeit it's probably only white people between the ages of 20-35).  Looking through the full list we find that between the two of us 67/87 of these things apply (or did apply at some point) to us.   This means that we are 77% white.  Geesh!  Maybe we are more run-of-the-mill, white bread, plain jane, ordinary, vanilla, regular white people than we realize.  

  • I love it.

  • #90 Dinner Parties
    #89 St. Patrick’s Day
    #88 Having Gay Friends

    This guy has us pegged!


  • Hmmm I seem to be 57% white, but the last time I checked...